Sam’s Club Is Selling A Kids Couch That Is Cheaper Than ‘The Nugget’ and I’m On My Way

This is seriously awesome!! Parents of littles, listen up!!

You know that kids couch called ‘The Nugget’ that all the parents swear by? Yes, the one that is typically sold out and quite pricey?

Well, Sam’s Club heard our prayers because they have released a dupe that is almost half the cost and parents swear it’s just as good!

This kids couch dupe is called the Member’s Mark Kids’ Explorer Sofa and it is a Sam’s Club Exclusive.

This kids couch comes with 4 flippable cushions and a convenient stash pocket for accessories. The covers are entirely removable and are machine washable making it easy to clean.

The Member’s Mark Kids’ Explorer Sofa comes in 6 different colors so you can get something that matches your home decor or kids room.

It is priced right at $179.88 which is $50 cheaper than The Nugget!


Sam’s Club is currently completely sold out of these online but people are finding these in-store right now so check your local Sam’s Club!

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  1. Thank you for this info because I have been keeping my out forever the original couch but yes pricey so this is even better.

    1. Kristen Yard says:

      You are so welcome!

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