There is something special about handing down to your children heirloom crafts that you remember from your own childhood. It’s the perfect time for harvesting lavender right now so I decided to show my girls how to make a lavender wand. They are very pretty, really easy to make and smell wonderful. Lavender is often used to promote relaxation and good sleep, so the wands are just the decoration to hang above a child’s bed.

How to Make Lavender Wands

To make a lavender wand you’ll need some long lavender stems. We used eight stems per wand. It’s best to make the wands as soon after you’ve picked the lavender as possible, so the stems are still flexible. Take a length of pretty ribbon, around 1m is about right, and knot the lavender stems together, just below the flower heads. Do this right at one end of the ribbon, leaving you a long length for your weaving. Next, fold back each stem, around the flower heads. These stems make the frame. Take the long length of ribbon you used to tie the lavender in place, and begin to weave it in and out of the stems, right around the flower heads. Keep weaving the ribbon until all the flower heads are enclosed inside, then wrap the ribbon around the stalks to secure. Make a loop so you can hang your lavender wand up (see the top picture) and tie a bow to finish off. And that’s it, your done – a fragrant lavender wand to hang in your bedroom, or even give as a gift. Have you handed down any traditional heirloom crafts to your children?
Here are a few heirloom crafts that the Quirky Mommas wanted to pass along to you:

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  1. I have a lot of lavender around here. Great idea. Thanks for the post. Love to have you visit me at Cathie J