Calm may be overrated





Did I mention calm?

Being the mom of three boys is very similar to being a Rodeo clown.

You have no control over anything, but you are charged with assuring that rodeo participants don’t kill each other.

That is how it is around here.   The boys are usually on top of each other.   Reid is usually at the bottom.   He plays possum until the other boys give up.   Really, how much fun is it to wail on someone who isn’t fighting back?

Not that I haven’t promoted that technique to the other two…Reid is the only one to which it comes naturally.

Being the non-squeaky wheel in the house has it’s disadvantages – Reid is often overlooked.

He has been so consistently quiet that I started worrying about him starting about two years ago.   I just had a feeling something MUST be wrong with him.   I mean…he was quiet!   I took him to the doctor and asked a lot of friends.

The consensus was he is just a low energy child.

I watched to make sure the low energy didn’t extend to being out of breath or other signs of medical issues.   Nope.   Everything seemed normal except he was calm.

Calm continued to worry me.

I watched as he often sat on the sidelines even though he is a very outgoing boy.   I watched as he had concentration issues even though he seemed interested in what we were doing.   Mostly, I just watched because something didn’t feel right.

Recently one of my good friends had her son tested for all sorts of food sensitivities.   She had to cut his diet down to just a few foods.   It was a huge pain.   The whole family’s life was changed…but two weeks later she had a different boy.

I spoke to our doctor the last time we went and asked what he would suggest…what would he cut out first?


Reid LIVES on milk.   Milk at every meal.   Milk as a snack.

He suggested we start with the lactose-free milk and see if it makes a difference.   The first night I tried to sneak it in.

Mommy, this is SOY milk!

Oh, the horror.   I had to tell him about the special milk and what we were going to try.   He agreed and part of the decrease in milk intake over the last two weeks can be tracked back to his preference for regular milk.

Two weeks later he is a different child.

When he talks he dances.

When he picks up a book he reads.

When his brothers attack he fights.

It is an incredible transformation.

Except he is no longer calm and quiet.

Would it be wrong of me to sneak some real milk into his Lactaid just so I could catch a little peace?


  1. What wonderful information! Thank you for posting this. Guess I never think about food sensitivities leading to those kinds of issues. I’m sure it could go in the opposite direction as well…causing hyperactivity or at least something leaning toward it? Very interesting. Again, thanks. Glad your boy is so much improved! 🙂

  2. So what is it in milk that causes someone to be quiet and calm when they would normally be more outgoing? Are their other foods linked to other character qualities?

  3. Melissa R says:

    amazing! We did about the same thing, not for the same reasons though. We tried a bunch of brands and all were a no go. But then we tried a brand new one and it was a hit! It’s called Real Goodness. They have 0% and 2%. The 2% was the winner here.
    There are coupons on the website too and recently in the Sunday paper there have been coupons.
    Oh, and before we found Real Goodness, rice milk was winning over soy milk.
    Good luck!

  4. I think it came down to the fact that he just didn’t feel very good most of the time – chronic constipation was zapping his energy. ugh!

  5. milk is evil in my world too. but i stopped to tell you i love the image!

  6. It’s amazing how one doctor’s prescription and a tiny change in diet could do a lot of things for a kid.

  7. oh my goodness… that’s amazing. All of that, from Milk…

  8. WOW! It’s amazing what us moms can really do when we are determined enough and persistent enough to know there is something wrong with our child. I’m so happy that you were able to figure it out and to get it on the first try! AMAZING! Glad you have your child back. 🙂

    The Misplaced Midwesterner

  9. Milk sometimes makes people feel nauseous as well, maybe that had something to do with it!!

  10. That’s why milk is a good way to make children go to sleep.

  11. It is amazing how much the things we feed our kids (and ourselves) can affect EVERYTHING, and yet no one talks about it that much. It’s a little crazy. I’m glad you tried this and it’s working so well!

  12. We took dairy out of our oldest son’s diet several years ago (he’s almost 9 now) not because he was low energy, but the exact opposite. He practically climbed the walls hyper. Still has constipation issues. But dairy is the best place to start; it’s made a world of difference for him.

  13. wow so interesting!!!! Email me your address so I can send you your winning book. :0

  14. you are an idiot.

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