My blue power ranger has been asking all sorts of questions about his kind.

“Do power rangers sleep?”, “how long is a power ranger’s bed?”, “are power rangers faster then a jet?”, “do power rangers eat really fast?”, “are power rangers afraid of the dark?”, “are power rangers bigger then adults?”. They have been a bit difficult to answer since neither of us has ever watched a single episode of a power ranger TV show or read a power ranger book. This obsession was originally born out of his deep and intense love for the color blue.

We are traveling on a jet plane tomorrow (sorry, the “jet” part just sounds so cool next to plane) to a week worth of ski nirvana. There has been much discussion as to how to get the power ranger suit to our destination without crushing the mask or losing any of the precious pieces. I then suggested we should….wash it. I am only thinking of other resort goers here…it is disgusting! So after a very long power ranger meeting, blue agreed. I held my breath the whole time the flimsy suit was being “hand washed” with woolite in the washer for fear blue’s muscles would puff through the luxurious 100% double-knit polyester shell like popcorn. I am happy to report that other then some additional snags and a few remaining spray-and-wash resistant stains, it made it through the ordeal and the people of CO should thank me.

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  1. Thank goodness you’ll have your very own Power Ranger to protect you while you’re skiing. Have a wonderful time!