Alter-ego to the rescue…

I am here to report on a rumored sighting of Power Mom: defender of a quiet moment and fighter of suburban rage.

She wears the glasses and nose to appear friendly to children and small animals. She has been sighted leaping silver minivans with a single bound. Her superhero attire was designed by Mossimo for Target and was selected for its easy accessibility from the aisle. It could be grabbed without even a pause in the course of a speeding cart full of groceries demonstrating her speed and multitasking skills. Her deadly “hurry up or else” stare has been utilized for propelling children to find their other shoe, moving slow drivers into the right lane and creating new associates to open new check-out lines at Wal-Mart Supercenter and Kroger. She cannot reveal her thoughts in the scribbled thought bubble due to the current family forum. She has been seen mothering a blue power ranger and hanging out with Watch Me Christine. Her kryptonite is her mom’s peanut butter roast. Oh, and the sparkling kick your butt glove? That is in case you don’t take her picture fast enough.

Credits: Thank you to my crazy friend who obviously was Photoshopping last night and sent me the above picture. She is also responsible for the nominations to the right (Mom, if you click on the “Bloggers Choice” buttons in the right margin you can vote for me). Thanks!


  1. Happy Campers says:

    Can you help me deal with the horrible telemarketers?

  2. I’m glad to see we have the same sense of style (by that I mean we purchase clothes the same way – I can grab it off the rack at Target without stopping the cart on the way to the detergent aisle? PERFECT!)

  3. Christine says:

    Together we shall RULE THE WORLD!!!

    (mwah ha haaaaaaaa!)

  4. How funny – I love that you were sent this photo by one of your friends! Congrats on the nomination, BTW – good luck! See you later. Kellan

  5. A Mom Two Boys says:

    This reminds me that I really need to brush up on my photoshop skills. Which means I need to GET some photoshop skills.

  6. To add to the Holly obsession, I too have that fabulous shirt (also for the same reason as you–close enough to grab from the aisle with 3 kids in the cart). I just need a snazzy glove and a pair of glasses. When will you start calling me a stalker?

  7. Too funny, again! Once again, your blog gave me the laugh I needed! Target is great… Where can I find the peanut butter kryptonite??? I think I need some of that.

  8. ROFL! Love the post and the pic 🙂 Going to click your buttons for awards 😉

  9. OMG, you so.totally.ROCK! 😉

  10. Thanks for adding me to your blog, I feel so special. What are you wearing?
    PS, I’m nothing like you today, I’m taking a spin class. I feel so lonely.

  11. Wow…so Power Mom exists in BlogLand. I knew Super Mom was hovering in the skies of the blog kingdom but now there is yet another superhero to defend us all. I guess you are BlogLand’s “Dynamic Duo.”

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