Monday morning potluck, evening edition…

I am contributing the food to the potluck that I wish I had made for dinner–chicken quesadillas with homemade salsa, a light salad and that chocolate cake that is still liquidy in the middle and served warm.

The above picture is what I saw in my rear view mirror today while driving around town. Have I mentioned that my 4 y/o is a blue power ranger?

In the minivan war 2008, the score is now minivan-2, Holly-0. I really had no intention of going to war with my minivan, but that minivan is really getting aggressive. I am going to have to start defending myself soon:

The first point was scored when my minivan door attacked me resulting in an unknown number of stitches. Unknown? On Friday when I went in to have them removed I casually asked, “so how many stitches did you put up there?” I have a blogpublic that needs to know these things! “I don’t know…” was the plastic surgeon’s reply. You don’t know? You don’t know! I have a blog to write, come on…make something up. So, I took a peek and it looked like there were 4 regular stitches (2 on each end) and then the 1 1/2 inches in the middle was stitched together with one long thread underneath the skin. That’s all I know. And when he was done removing them he again slathered my forehead with steri-strips so no picture will be very informative until those fall off. Don’t worry, you know me, I’ll post ’em if I have ’em.

The second point was scored today when I took my minivan in to the dealer for tire issues. Let me just start by saying that I have the Honda Odyssey with the run-flat tires. I am not a fan of the run-flat tires. They can only be serviced by a dealer, they are obscenely expensive, the tire pressure warning light goes on with any 10 degree shift in outdoor temperature and in my experience have not run when flat. I was expecting to replace 2 worn out tires and have a third fixed (one of the tires I replaced 8,000 miles ago had a nail in it). It was then discovered the nail tire couldn’t be repaired and would need to be replaced. Thankfully, it was under warranty but this is the second tire replaced under warranty since I have owned the minivan. The grand total of tires replaced on my minivan before 50,000 miles is 6. CRAZY!

Speaking of cars, if you drive a white scion with Oklahoma plates, please note that the left hand lane is for passing only.

Yesterday afternoon we had a fun time fishing at grandma and grandpa’s house. It was really windy, but the boys really wanted to go fishing so grandpa obliged. 3 hours later we gave up. The fish were jumping all around us. Taunting our poles. Scoffing our bait. Teasing our skills. Mean old fish. I would have had better luck getting a photograph.


  1. A Mom Two Boys says:

    I think you know how many stitches you have, you’re just taunting us! TAUNTING. US. How unfair. You know we’ll come back once we know the answer, right? We’ll still love you even when we know just how badly your minivan kicked your a*s. I promise.
    Now, 6 tires before 50,000 miles is ridiculous. We have 130,000 miles on our Corolla (DJ drives 65 miles EACH WAY, EVERY DAY) and we’ve only put new tires on it once. Which reminds me, we’re due for new tires.
    Speaking of cars, how’s the whole “keeping the tank filled” thing going?!

  2. Wow…6 tires before 50,000 is outrageous. Of course, this comes from someone who had to replace a tire after owning her brand new car for all of 6 weeks…damn those nails!!!

  3. I used to drive around with either Batman or Superman. Sport would wear those pajamas…all of the time. In fact, he started quite the trend at his preschool. Sigh, I miss those days.

  4. I love the picture of the two boys – that is a precious picture!!! The fishing sounds like a good time – my kids love to fish – I think we are going to the lake this weekend. Take care and have a good Tuesday. Kellan

  5. I’m glad you’ve told us that the stitches are out, but I am also of the belief that you may just be taunting us. 🙂 Please keep your blog readers posted on any stitch related events.

    Oh, the fishing sounds like so much fun. Fish or no fish, I’m sure your little rascals had fun.

    And the tires. That is really crazy. Yeah for warranties!

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