Trash to Treasure: Make It New with Stickers

trash to treasure make it new with stickers

Trash to Treasure

I love to browse garage sales for objects that I can turn from trash to treasure.   It’s a fun way to recycle items and put them to good use again.

My most recent find was for my little girl and she helped to personalize it and make it like new with stickers.

I found a little trash can that had been used in an office.   It was the perfect size for my little girl’s room and it was only $1.00!

Make It New with Stickers

The only problem with the little trash can is that it looked like an office trash can. It wasn’t cute and pink like the other things in her room.

So I let her pull out some favorite stickers from our stash at home.   She chose princess and unicorns, of course.

I told her she could decorate her new trash can with the stickers and she excited went to work.

little girl trash can stickers

It takes a little bit of restraint to not get involved in the decorating process.   She crowded some stickers on top of each other yet left lots of empty space on other parts of the trash can.   Many stickers were sideways like poor Jasmine below.

make new trash can with stickers

But this was her project (and it’s just a trash can) so I let her make all of the decorating decisions.

I love that I got the trash can for a dollar and was able to put it to good use.

But most importantly, my little girl absolutely loves her “beautiful” trash can that she decorated all by herself.

trash can make new with stickers

The only problem now is that she is so proud of it that she refuses to put any trash in it!

Every child loves to decorate with stickers….trash cans, their shirt, every wall in your house.   Here are some other fun projects your child will love doing with stickers:



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