When my kids were younger, I always preferred baby clothing with snaps, in part because it was easier to give them diaper changes. But right now two big brands that make child and infant clothing are part of a massive recall by Target and the issue at the heart of the recall are the snaps.


On December 30, 2020, Target announced two recalls of around 480,000 pieces of clothing in sizes ranging from newborn to 12 months. It includes a variety of clothing, from swimsuits to rompers.

The brands? Two very popular ones: Cloud Island and Cat & Jack.


The issues with the clothing? The snaps are breaking, falling off, or completely coming undone, which poses a safety risk for the infant.

The Consumer Product Safety Division (CPSC) has received numerous complaints about the snap issue, as kids have been hurt after being lacerated, pinched, and/or scratched.

The clothes that are being recalled were sold in Target stores and online December 2019 to December 2020 (Cat & Jack) and July 2019 through October 2020 (Cloud Island rompers). For more details about the specific clothing items that have been recalled, visit the Target page here.

Source: CPSC

Fortunately, Target makes the refund process easy. Either go into a Target store to return the item directly, or go to Target.com to request a prepaid shipping label.

Once they receive the item, you’ll receive a full refund. The simple process is 100% worth it for peace of mind and to ensure your little one doesn’t get hurt by the faulty clothing.

Source: CPSC


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