They get it

It may be because it is rare,
or because it often requires a long trip,

it appears that Texas born and bred boys…

truly value a good snowbank.

Snow is not a static object to be observed,

but something that requires active participation.

Snow calls their names.

Snow plays along.

Snow giggles.


  1. What super pictures! The boys look like they are beyond thrilled with the snow. Where did you all go? 🙂

  2. Oh, I love it! What a great post. Where did you go? I know Dallas got snow, but not that much, right? That is Colorado-type snow!

  3. Gremlin’s already got his eye on a brand new snowbank in his pre-school’s parking lot. It’s just calling to him…

  4. It can also give our children colds. lol.
    Nice pictures. I see you’ve gotten creative with the camera. Kudos!

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