Bad words have been an issue lately.

I have requested NOT to hear about any bodily functions unless assistance is needed.

I have requested NOT to hear judgment on a brother’s intelligence if the assessment is below average.

Ryan(8) is my biggest policy enforcer…and offender. He has a little issue controlling his own use of these words, but has no issue with reporting their use by others.  

Citizen’s Arrest!   Citizen’s Arrest!

Recently, I walked through the living room while the boys were watching some random children’s TV programing.

Ryan:   Mom, you shouldn’t let us watch this.

Me:   Why not?

It has bad words in it.

I look over to the TV for a closer look at what they are watching…Diego.

Diego does NOT have bad words.

Oh yes it does!

No it doesn’t.


*this goes on for awhile until I realize that I am an adult arguing over bad words in the show Diego with an 8 year old*

Ryan!   Stop it.   Diego doesn’t have bad words in it.

Rhett(4):   *giggling* Yes!   He said Toot!

In the context of riding a train…

You won’t let us say toot.

I do in the context of riding a train.

Video games have bad words in them too.

Not the ones I let you play.


*Reid(6) and Rhett nod their head in agreement*

Rhett:   Yes!   Thomas says STUPID.

What?   When?

Thomas the Tank Engine says good job stupid!

There is no way that Thomas the Tank Engine says good job stupid.

I look over and all three boys are giggling, whispering and shushing amongst themselves.   A big secret is about to be revealed…

Reid:   Yes he does mom.   Ryan enters his name as Stupid.


  1. Girl, those boys are WAY too smart for their own good!!!! 🙂 he he he he he

  2. Looks like they are pushing the envelope quite cleverly. I used to get a kick out of saying things like Heck-a-copter and chuckling when they talked about building Hoover Dam and talked about the “Dam Site”.

  3. Too funny! Just wate a few years and see what Thomas starts to say then. 🙂

  4. Also please completely disregard my misspelling of the word “wait.” Thank you.

  5. Oh, I’m pretty sure my son will do that too. Today, he was playing a song on Rock Band and was completely convinced that the words were “shoot him in the butt.” They weren’t. But he was not to be denied. Anything about butts is better than anything else in the Whole World. You have my sympathies.

  6. Ha, ha! When my brothers and I were little, I convinced my mom that we shouldn’t be allowed to watch the Gummy Bears…because they were Satanic. In reality, I just wanted to watch another show, and knew which buzz words my mom would be fearful of. How’s that for abusing oldest-child-privilege?!

  7. He entered his name as stupid? BRILLIANT!!!! Oh, sorry… Hope you can change it! LOL!

  8. My whole family laughed at this one! We have one of our own. I was reading The Lightening Thief Series, Book 2 The Sea of Monsters. One of the characters says she wants to buy a dam t-shirt… they are at a dam. Then she starts laughing and saying I need to go to the dam bathroom. I want a dam burger for lunch, etc. My daughter and I were laughing so hard we were crying and now months later we will still throw this out there.

    I have to go to the dam bathroom!

    I sense a post for me, inspired by you!!!!

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