military2Mailing a postcard to our troops is such an easy and simple way to demonstrate our appreciation.   I feel horrid.   I failed to send a single postcard to my sister-in-law during her last deployment to Afghanistan.   Emily, we are sending one out on your behalf to others who are currently serving our country!   And thank you Lisa, of The Nuthouse, for telling me about a simple and easy way to demonstrate gratitude and providing the opportunity to talk with my kids about war, government, civic duty, and the world. …. Let’s Say Thanks is a website started by Xerox and is partnered with many others including Give2TheTroops, the Rochester Institute of Technology, and the Boys & Girls Club to name just a few. These companies make it easy for you to say “Thank You” to US Troops stationed overseas. Children from all over the country created postcards and the designs are available to you through the Let's Say Thanks website. In the past several years, millions of postcards have been sent to deployed US service men and women who love getting the thanks they deserve. Let’s Say Thanks makes sending a postcard simple, just follow these steps and in a few short minutes your Thank You is on its way to a soldier. 1. Go to the Let’s Say Thanks website at 2. Follow the link that says “view all designs”. 3. Scroll through the page until you find a postcard that you like. 4. Click on the link that says “send this card”. 5. The next page has several fields to fill out. They will ask for your name, city and state. There are several messages already created for you to choose from. You can select one of those messages or click on other. 6. If you choose a message from the list, click on the “submit” button and you will get a confirmation that your card will be sent. 7. If you choose the “Other” option and then click “submit” another field pops up and you can create your own message. Don’t forget it is a small postcard, so you will need to keep your message short. military thanks 8. Click on the “submit” button and you will get a confirmation that your card will be sent. 9. You are welcome to send as many cards as you wish everyday. The site recommends choosing a different card every time to get a good variety of designs that are sent out. 10. Bookmark this site and send another card tomorrow, it only takes a few minutes, and means the world to a soldier. 11. Look around the site to see messages from soldiers, photos, news about Let’s Say Thanks and their other partners. 12. Tell your friends. Sending a Soldier a post card is not only a wonderful surprise for them, but it lets them know that they are not forgotten, that America is thinking about them. The Let's Say Thanks website is easy enough to use that young children can help pick out which cards to send and which message to choose. And it is a great way to spend time with the kids while teaching them about volunteer work. Let’s Say Thanks sends post cards out all year long, but as the Holidays get closer, we spend more and more time doing this every week. I sit down with one of the little Nuts at a time and they each pick out 5-10 cards and the message they want to send. They love knowing that they just sent mail and that it is going to be sent out across the world. Take a quick moment to say Thank You to Our Troops. Lisa is mom of three preschoolers (and I thought I was busy).   She blogs regularly at, The Nuthouse. Please check out her blog!   Thanks Lisa for guest posting today!

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  1. This is a fantastic idea. I am going to have my son do this. He will love it.

    Thank you for sharing this info.