A Brand New Potluck

As frightening as it is to think about…

Potluck is back.

Before all three of you push delete in your reader, l would like to apologize for not being a very gracious potluck hostess over the last 6 months.

I am sure it was difficult living life normally without a fruit bowl status update.


Maybe we should start this potluck off with a little hug.

A group hug.

Thanks for coming over today!   And without further ado…

What in the heck is ado?

Heeeeeere’s Potluck….

I don’t even remember what I used to do in potluck.   I am a little too tired to scour my archives to find out so let’s just wing it.

Oh ya, here is this:

Let’s Find Out What Brought YOU Here!

–two of you landed here after the search, “faux tantrum

–one of you showed up after Googling, “where is the expiration date on my credit card?

–one of you are here because you needed an “80’s hair referee

–one of you arrived for a “coccyx joke

–“gotto buy a vowel” brought one of you…

–and then you rephrased it “I would like to buy a vowel”   — maybe next time add a please?

–and another one of you was as lame as me and needed my “explanation for why the tooth fairy fell asleep and didn’t visit.”

And yes, now it is time for the all important information…

What is Up with Holly’s Coccyx?

So, here is the Cliff Note version of the coccyx situation.   I went to the Chiropractor and found out that my right Sacro-tuberous ligament was injured, painful and wreaking havoc on my sacrum causing it to rotate and be in a generally bad mood.   Over a few months of ever-lessening intervention things have improved significantly.
I can sit donut-free.   This is especially crucial during road trips which was a big issue before and the last few have been pleasant…almost comfortable.   I get a few twinges every once in awhile, but things are so significantly improved it is G.R.E.A.T.

Whoo hoo!

Let’s find out who is in COMMENT NIRVANA this week!

Oh!   Did I mention that Comment Nirvana is new?   And cool?   It is replacing Peep of the Week which I stole from Loralee for over a year.   I figured it was about time that I come up with something original…well, based on her genius idea.   Thanks Loralee!

Disclaimer:   I realize that I haven’t made it easy to leave a comment here.   My comment-leaving box is rude and deleteful…Oh, and I haven’t written much to leave a comment on.   Everyone who HAS (against all odds left) a comment lately will be earning extra Nirvana credit. I am working on all issues and they should be resolved soon.

There are two readers who have won an all-expense paid, one way ticket to Comment Nirvana this week…

This first one is Happy Campers!

Heather wrote the most AMAZING comment in response to my re-posted rant on Low Flow Toilets.   I re-ran that rant in preparation for another rant I am in the process of writing, but her rant is WAY better.   If I can’t get her to draw it with markers, I may animate it myself with her permission.   What a tragically funny story.

Heather will be traveling to Comment Nirvana with Melizzard who in response to my excess of cat photos reported this…

Crap .. just checked my Flickr account, there are 260 pictures of my cats. Does it make it better if that's only 1.16% of the total LOL!?!

Thanks for the comments.   I will be checking the socially acceptable percentage of cat photos in an individual Flickr account and will report back later…

Now it is time for things Holly thought were funny…

Why this isn’t a craft blog from Amy at The Yellow Wood/Good Soil

Behold!   The Power of Two from Lynley at Save the Phillips Family

Two Construction Workers in Love from Rookie Mom

The Problem with Technology from Daily Diatribes

and last…but NEVER least…

I haven’t been Naked in front of others since 2002 – not that I am keeping track or anything from Barefoot Foodie

OK people, the potluck is winding down.   We have time for just one more feature…

Let’s have a little fruit bowl inspection!

My fruit bowl contains…

*wait for it*

A bunch of faux bananas and two loose faux bananas.   They were used as props for the comical and popular Blog-Stedman annual Halloween Nirvana candy giving extravaganza where he dresses up as an APE and tries to pawn off bananas instead of candy to unsuspecting neighborhood children.

Ya, never know what will happen when you ring the doorbell at my house.

May your Monday be potluckful and both your tantrums and bananas be faux…


  1. hmm… sounds like ringing your doorbell is a bit like stopping by at Nirvana here. But that’s what I love about coming here – I never know what’s going to happen

  2. Bestill my heart….POTLUCK is back!!!!! Now if we could just get you to come to CoOp and skip homework…

    You will have to do the honors with your magic marker set. I cannot draw anything to save my life. Just the other day, we were trying to draw a dog for a story Reese was writing, and I was doing it along with him step-by-step and at the end, my Chicken-Scratch-Writing six year old drew a better dog than I did. So……you have all the freedom to illustrate that story if you wish 🙂

  3. OH…and I meant to tell you…

    My Hubby is glad potluck is back because I have been banging my knife & fork on the table for six months chanting “Potluck..Potluck..Potluck” to no avail….

  4. New Year, new Potluck. How I’ve missed you!

    Thanking you in advance for permission for my faux tantrum. Trying to decide where to unleash it…

  5. Sadly, my tantrums are real and mostly focused on never being chosen for Peeps of the week/Comment Nirvana. Whaaaa! No fair! stomp stomp stomp, etc…

    With my recent reading and not commenting style, though, I have only myself to blame.

    So happy potluck is back! I was lost without the fruitbowl updates… still missing Chicken of the week, though. 🙂

  6. at least you have not gone all vegan like me. no, i’m not kidding. it’s for reals. will explain later.

  7. There is a joke her with the fake bananas and the link to The Problem with Technology….anyone wanna give it a go?

  8. So happy to see that my reader is finally accepting your submissions once again. I missed reading the Potluck on Mondays, or whatever day I finally got around to reading it. Surprisingly, today is Monday… I hope I’m not a week, or more, late. 🙂

  9. Excellent! Randomness rocks!

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