Crazy-headed Holly…

Today was planned to be blissful. My mother came over and I dumped provided her with three handsome grandsons to watch. I took a shower, did my hair, put on some cute clothes including my favorite sweater (MAJOR forshadowing here) and skipped out of the house, hopped in the minivan, drove down the driveway toward a day of leisurely errands, shopping for an outfit to wear tomorrow to a hip restaurant for my grand 16th anniversary celebration, and picking up a coffee and lunch. I needed to stop at the mailbox to mail the LAST returned Christmas card and when I re-opened the door to the minivan to climb in it hit my head. I paused for a moment in pain and feeling stupid until I realized that blood was gushing from my head. Gushing! Did I mention that I am in my favorite sweater on my way to Mommy’s day out? Crap…I backed the van back toward the house, ran into the house and grabbed some paper towels. You could easily trace my steps by the blood trail (just like on L&O). Once inside and applying pressure I checked myself in the mirror and realized that this was something that required professional help. I called my mom down, we loaded up the minivan with 3 kids and started on the way to the hospital where blog-Stedman works. I called him to alert him to the emergency. 20 minutes later he and one of his partners assess my case in the parking lot behind the hospital and decide that I need to see a plastic surgeon and there is not one at this hospital. We start calling hospitals all over the metroplex and no one seems to have one on-call (it is a holiday weekend, etc.). Finally, we find a hospital that indicates they know of a plastic surgeon and off goes the minivan with grandma driving, me bleeding and the 3 boys along for the ride. 30 minutes later I get dropped off at the ER at the new hospital (so grandma doesn’t have to entertain 3 boys in the ER waiting room for a yet to be determined time). The ER is nice and I am there 2 1/2 hours until they send me to a plastic surgeon’s office 15 minutes away. Off goes the minivan again and 1 1/2 hours later I am stitched up by a very accomodating plastic surgeon and home bound. We get home at 4:30 exhausted, I am $540 poorer (that would have bought couture!) and I look like I was in a horror movie sans the axe in my head. The scar/stitches are shaped in a lovely 1/2 circle resembling the mouth of a smiley face. I think I better not post pictures quite yet. I have to go wash the red highlights out of my hair…Did I mention that I was wearing my favorite sweater?


  1. All Adither says:

    What was it that hit you? The mailbox? God, that sucks. I’m so sorry. I probably would’ve wound my favorite sweater around my head and continued on with my mommy’s day out. That’s how desperate I get.


  2. It was the door to the van. My minivan made an attempt on my life. I have always been suspicious something was up with that non-descript minivan that easily blends in to any surroundings…hmmm.

    And the sweater–thankfully, the ER nurse gave me some suggestions on how to remove blood from clothing: q-tip with hydrogen peroxide then rinse really well with water.

  3. Happy Campers says:

    OH NO!!! I’m just glad your Mom was around & you weren’t with the 3 boys by yourself on some long field trip or something, you know?

    Hope you’re feeling better….sending hugs your way!

  4. A Mom Two Boys says:

    Ahhh!! That’s totally something that would happen to me! Knocking on wood…
    Hope you’re fully recovered so you can enjoy your night out, stitches and all!
    P.S. Remember a few weeks ago when you wrote about how much you love your minivan? You might need to reconsider. ;0)

  5. What? No pictures?

    Sorry about your owie.

  6. Oh, GOD, HRH!! How incredibly insane and scary – and I’ll be looking at the door to my minivan very suspiciously from now on. I am so sorry. I am just catching up, on to read your next post. Sending healing thoughts and Happy Anniversary!

  7. THAT is a reason to get rid of the mini-van, the evil machine created to torture moms everywhere! $540??? You could move up to the northern wilderness some of us call Canada, and pay nothing, then you could replace your favourite sweater! Unfortunately we have mini vans here too…

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