GOOD MORNING, Merry Sunshine, How did you wake so soon?

All three of my boys are early risers. This genetic material was not passed through my DNA. I am now an early riser by default, against my will, kicking and screaming, and moaning and complaining. Last night Reid fell asleep in the car at 5:30 on the way home and after attempting to wake him for dinner, bath and play I ended up popping him into bed. Ryan then asked, “If I go to bed early, can I get up earlier?” Great, the early riser gene runs tandem to the insanity gene. Ryan followed it up by the nostalgic statement, “Mom, remember when I was much younger, like 5, and I slept in soooo late to 7?” “Yes pumpkin, that was an amazing day…” I do remember, it was amazing although I was half-crazed with worry about him from 5:45 until 7, but at least I was in bed. Blog-Stedman is all for early rising and replies, “at least they won’t be lazy, laying in bed all day” (that is NOT a direct quote if I did not use the proper tense/usage of the word lay vs. lie–blog-Stedman would use it properly, but I am too lazy to wikipedia it). I am all in favor of raising perky, productive citizens, but until my kids are using those early hours to day trade on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, can’t I stay cozy in bed until…say…Oh, this is a crazy dream…Oh, the heaven of it…6:30 am?

If you need something more then joining me in coffee to wake up, please read the amazing adventures of Holiday Dog which still has me giddy. Later, lets all get together and get the Holiday Dog tattoo!


  1. 6:30 around here is like heaven. actually it’s getting better. i’m off to yoga…

  2. A Mom Two Boys says:

    Ha! I totally feel ya! If we get to sleep until 7am I’m totally happy. My goal for tomorrow is to keep those kiddies asleep (or at least out of my hair) until I’m good and ready to get out of bed. We’ll see how that goes, esp. with a sick hubby.
    I’m glad you enjoyed Holiday Dog so much. I could tell you stories for YEARS just like that. My family is totally insane and completely fun to be around (except for my sister in law!)! :0)

  3. Hi – I’m Kellan. I have 4 kids and I have found that the older they get – the longer they sleep. They were all early risers (the 6 year old still is) – but they eventually realize the beauty of sleep – they do. This was a cute post – nice to meet you and hope to see you soon. Kellan

  4. Thanks for sharing you blog with you DC AF buddy. I actually stayed up until 12:18am this morning catching up on it all and laughing hysterically! We’ll catch up in the new year.

  5. Yeah Waaga! I simutaneously lost your email and phone numbers…I can’t wait to hear about you now that you know exactly what I am up to!

  6. Happy Campers says:

    Isn’t it funny? Pre-baby, I’d sleep until 10am. Reese insists on waking up with the sun…so if we sleep past 7:30 I start to wonder if he’s getting sick! The other day, I read in bed while Reese slept next to me & he slept until 9:30. I was SHOCKED! I only wish I could have stayed alseep longer myself!

    But Kellan is right…the older two have to be roused out of bed around Noon or they’ll sleep until the late afternoon. So I’m glad I guess that Reese wants to wake up and be my partner for the day…because it will end soon enough & I’ll WISH I had someone to wake me up at the crack of dawn 🙂

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