I have noticed something.

It appears that my children don’t value the same things that I do.

I have made a list of these things:

  1. Sleep.
  2. Quiet.
  3. Bath.
  4. Brushed hair.
  5. Brushed teeth.
  6. Coat.

Each of these things I hold dear.   Each of these things my boys fight.

They seem to value OTHER things.

I have made a list of these things:

  1. Staying up late.
  2. Screaming.
  3. Making a mess.
  4. LEGOs.
  5. Weapons.
  6. Crocs.

Do we all really share DNA?


  1. Well, even if you don’t share DNA, there’s no denying they’re DOLL BABIES! 🙂 Those are three cuties!

  2. today i am ready to destroy all nerf guns. and legos. freaking sick of them.

  3. you know what, it’s sadly the curse of parenting…

  4. Well. This is exactly how I feel about my daughters. I love them just the same though.

  5. I’m the oldest of 4 and the only girl. I wanted a massage and a manicure for Christmas and my brother wanted a shotgun. I’m pretty sure we are related. It’s so strange how things like this work out.

  6. Yeah, I think the DNA goes a lot of morphing at this age.

    At least, I’m hoping for that.

  7. I’d have to add shoes to the list of things my children don’t value. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached the end of our street to have to turn around and drive home because someone forgot their shoes.

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