Whether you need a remote learning space, the perfect spot for homework or just a kids cubicle, these simple tri fold board ideas for creating the best kids work space will inspire you!

Giving kids their own spot for learning and homework can make all the difference in the world…and these work in small spaces too folding away for quick storage.

A mom of three shared a genius idea for a remote learning space. Source: Angelina Harper/Facebook

These DIY learning board ideas are perfect for spaces where you might not have a desk or a lot of table space to accommodate all the kids.

How to Make a Tri Fold Homework & Learning Space For Your Kids

Use a tri-fold project display board! This genius idea was shared on Facebook by mom of three, Angelina Harper.


Customize Tri Fold Kids Cubicles

As she was getting ready for remote learning, she wanted to revamp her kids’ work space, but didn’t want to buy new desks.

So, instead, she put up a tri-fold board for each kid. This gave them their own “private” individual space so they kids have a better chance at focusing while they do remote learning. Genius!


Small Organized Work Space for Kids

As a bonus, as you can see on Facebook, each child has their own labelled work space, complete with calendars and other visuals.

It’s very much their own area, and if the kids need to move their work space, they can, since it’s all totally portable.


Parents everywhere are totally on board with the idea, considering, at the time of this writing, the idea was shared more than 62,000 times.

What do you think of the idea? Will you use it for remote learning in the fall?

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Tri-fold project display boards are available on Amazon for $14.08 each.

Source: Amazon

Tri Fold Dry Erase Board for Kids (& Teachers)

Awhile back we did this really fun DIY white board which is a homemade tri fold board as well. it seems like this might be another solution for kids cubicles…and then they could write and wipe!

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How did your tri fold learning area for kids turn out? What did we miss that we need to add in?

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