My dearest Rhett, Rhett's Birthday cake You own four. Four is being in charge.   Four is telling a joke.   Four is orchestrating an elaborate game that no one but you understands how to play. Four is bright eyes.   Four is a mischievous grin.   Four is quietly laying down on the couch for a much needed nap. Four is loud.   Four is boisterous.   Four is sitting at a table with an activity book for hours. Four gets into trouble.   Four complains and tantrums.   Four recognizes the need for a hug and willing embraces. Four is independent.   Four is fiercely independent.   Four is running to mommy and reaching up to be held. Four is heavy!   Four is long arms and longer legs.   Four is still and always be mommy’s baby. Four seems like too much.   Four seems like too little.   Four seems just right.

Rhett Catching SnowflakesRhett catching snowflakes on his tongue yesterday

Happy Birthday Rhett! Love, Mommy

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  1. Hi Rhett’s mommy. Hope you had a great birthday and we will definately celebrate when we see you in a few short days. I hope you are enjoying CO. I was so proud to see you skiing down the hill and stopping!! Love you big! Aunt Jana and Cousin Andrea