This Flushin’ Frenzy Game Is Hilarious and Perfect For Kids Who Always Talk About Poop

What’s with kids and their obsession with all things related to poop? Well, now there’s a game that encourages that love of poop. Seriously. This is not a joke. Well it kind of is, but it’s also a fabulously hilarious and fun game called Flushin’ Frenzy Overflow from Mattel.

Kids will have a blast attempting to catch “poop” during a round of Flushin’ Frenzy Overflow. Source: Amazon

How to Play Flushin’ Frenzy Overflow

The concept of the game is super simple. So while Mattel recommends it for kids age five and up, younger kids can easily join in the poop fun too. I know my three-year-old, for one, will laugh hysterically at the mere mention of poop. I can already picture him squealing in glee when I tell him how to play Flushin’ Frenzy Overflow.

Source: Amazon

Mattel recommends only two to four people play the game at a time. Kids take turn to roll a dice. Whatever number they roll is the amount of times they flush the toilet. As they flush, the “water” level rises. But players need to watch out. Once the water starts to “overflow,” three toy poops will shoot up into the air! Poop, there it is!

Source: Amazon

Players have to catch the poop to stay in the Flushin’ Frenzy game. That’s it. It’s such a simple concept, but it’s a fun one for kids of all ages. And, okay, maybe adults too.

Mattel even improved upon the original Flushin’ Frenzy. Instead of one toy poop in the game, there are now THREE. So it’s basically three times the poop, three times the fun… and hours upon hours of play time. For that reason alone, I need to add this to our board game rotation.

Source: Amazon

Flushin’ Frenzy Overflow is available on Amazon for $19.99. The game includes one toy toilet, three poopers, and one die, as well as instructions. And if you’re not getting it for your kids, it will — of course — make a wonderful gag gift too.

Source: Amazon

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