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Park Lane Whole Foods BBQ

I like to make people laugh. It is my calling in life, in fact, it is my currency in life. Making people laugh–even if they’re laughing at me–is my self-proclaimed destiny. Which isn’t exactly why I accepted the invitation to spend a day touring and getting special treatment at the Shops at Park Lane in Dallas. Being treated like a diva is also my calling and currency, especially when it’s all free.

She is Dallas info:   The Shops at Park Lane are conveniently located in Dallas, Texas off Park Lane between 75 and Greenville Avenue.   They can be found on FB and Twitter.   Homegoods, Whole Foods Market, Aveda Institute Dallas, Ulta Cosmetics, Bailey’s Prime Plus, FreshBerry Frozen Yogurt Cafe, Gordon Biersch, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Carter’s, Lane Bryant/Cacique, Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy, Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th and The Children’s Place are all located there.

Apparently, it is other people’s destiny too because even the rain couldn’t keep us away:

Park Lane Mom Bloggers(Holly, Lea Ann, ME!, Shauna, Cynthia, Jennifer & Nicole)

First, we learned how to pick the correct shoe for our feet at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I mean, who knew that picking shoes based solely on color was a bad thing to do? We also got an anonymous tip that the best running shoes generally are those within the $60-$100 range, and you’re just paying for unnecessary extras on any running shoe over $100.

Park Lane Dick's Sporting Goods

After all that information, I finally broke down and did one of my stupid human tricks:

Allie turns her legs backwards
(Thanks Cynthia for the image!)

Us Dallas mommy bloggers’ next stop was Nordstrom Rack where we got awesome advice on how to shop around the special deals. We also learned that they get new merchandise in almost daily so any time is a great time to shop there.

Park Lane Nordstrom Rack

Cynthia was just way too excited to see Nordstrom Rack’s gigantic display of boots. I mean, can you really blame her?

Nordstrom Rack boot bar

Then we got treated to an exceptional light lunch at Bailey’s Prime Plus.

Park Lane Bailey's Prime
(I’m still trying to figure out what micro greens are.)

Where they served everybody bubbling pink cosmos (I got a Dr Pepper, which means they have Dr Pepper, which means they are one up on Wolfgang Puck already).

Pink bubbling cosmos

I mean, look at this fancy schmancy room!

Park Lane Bailey's Prime private room

You know you’re with a great group of social media gals when everybody has their smart phones and are using them.

social media at park lane

We had dessert at Fresh Berry–our choice of frozen yogurt topped with whatever fruits or candies or nuts we wanted. Note: My frozen yogurt was not as healthy as Lea Ann’s frozen yogurt.

Park Lane Fresh Berry

Our next stop at the Shops at Park Lane: Whole Foods. I had never been in a Whole Foods grocery store before. Never. From organic coffees and wines to decadent desserts and fresh fruits and vegetables, this grocery store has it all. Top of the line fresh and prime ingredients. But the best part about the Whole Foods at the Shops at Park Lane in Dallas?

The shopping buggy escalator:

Park Lane Whole Foods escalator for carts

Holly just had to try it out.

Shauna at Park Lane

Shauna looks great when she’s drinking a fine organic wine.

I love this image of the butcher at Whole Foods (and I think that drawing on the wall on the right side of the image is him!):

Park Lane Whole Foods BBQ

Our last stop for the day was Aveda Institute where we were treated by the Shops at Park Lane to free manicures and pedicures. We basically spent two hours getting pampered with organic walnut shell scrubs and seaweed masks on our hairy legs. I mean, my hairy legs. I had my toenails painted a firey coral red, also called Hunk O Burnin Love. Which then begs the question on what exactly that means since I was the gal wearing the Hunk O Burnin Love.

Park Lane Aveda Institute



  1. We always drive past those stores on our way to NorthPark and never actually stop by… didn’t realize they had so much in there!

  2. Oh my goodness thank you for reminding me of what an amazing time we had at Park Lane! You made my day.

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