Healthy Habits for a New Year


Dear Parents,

I know it's that time of year when desserts are plentiful and overeating is frequent.   In just a few short weeks, you ™ll be thinking about what you're going to do to lose weight again.   Before you choose a diet,  please think about what you're teaching your children.   Would it change your mind if I told you that many of the tween athletes I work with don't even know what grilled chicken looks like when they first come in for an appointment?   They ™ve eaten so many breaded chicken products they really don't know there is another option.   How can we expect them to choose a healthier option if they ™ve never seen it or if you don't eat the same food they do anyways?

What do you think your kid learns when they see you eating every meal out of a cardboard box or a glass?   Not to mention, have you read the ingredient list on the meal replacement bars out there?   At what point did we forget that real food works too for losing weight you just have to eat less of it?   Also, why would you eat something you wouldn't feed your kid and why would you feed your kid something you wouldn't eat?

If we make it past the boxed meals and shakes diets and look at some of the other practices, I have families that have cut the carbohydrate source out of dinner when that meal is the recovery meal for their adolescent athlete.   Did you know if your active child is not eating carbohydrate as part of their recovery they will get tired early in the season, they may get injured and because they don't have the energy they need they may not get as much playing time?

When the New Year rolls around and you're thinking about how to lose weight, try to keep your family involved.   This will make you more successful from an accountability standpoint and begin instilling better habits in your children.

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