Channel your inner X-Men and unleash your inner Wolverine!

You have to admit that there are times that having retractable adamantium claws could be really convenient.  But since we live here and not the Marvel universe, this might just be a pipe dream for most of us. 

However, there is no reason you can have attachable claws, and these Wolverine-Like Meat Shredders are designed to give you a set of your own.

Perfect for shredding meat, whether it be barbecue or crockpot items, these claws are definitely heavy duty and recommended for all your slow cooked shredded meat needs.  

The 5 inch blades on the claws are recommended for shredding, chopping, or cutting cooked meats, and they also look like they’d be a great option to hold meats in place while you use a knife with your second hand. Plus, they are dishwasher safe! Yesssss!

Sadly, they aren’t retractable or coated with adamantium, but nothing says you can’t use your imagination while shredding things with your claws.

They might even be a great idea for X-Men loving dads for Father’s Day and a great deal for around $12.00 for a set.  We’re pretty sure most guys might appreciate a set of claws, even if they aren’t actual Wolverine ones.

You can get the Meat Shredders on Amazon Here.

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