It’s time for summer treats and we’re on a mission to find all the best ideas to enjoy with your friends and family when the weather gets hotter. We discovered that Dairy Queen now has vegan Dilly Bars at their restaurants, but what if you don’t have a Dairy Queen nearby?  
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It’s Costco to the rescue!  Costco stores are now offering GoodPop’s Orange N’ Cream frozen treats, which are a dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan version of Creamsicles.  It’s all the goodness of a traditional Creamsicle in a healthier, more allergy friendly options.
The GoodPop’s Orange N’ Cream frozen treats are made organic coconut cream and fair trade vanilla on the inside, with a sherbet blend of Valencia orange juice and organic coconut cream on the outside.   Boxes of 12 of these awesome treats are tucked into the freezer section at select Costcos for just $8.99.  Currently, these treats are available at stores across Texas and San Diego, but we are definitely hoping they will be in more as the weather starts getting warmer.
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Do you guys remember those creamsicles you used to enjoy as a kid? GoodPop brought them back with cleaner ingredients! ? These AMAZING @GoodPop Orange N’ Cream 12-packs are now available in Costco warehouses across Texas and San Diego this summer, as well as Instacart! These are organic, gluten free, dairy free, and are so good! ? ($8.99 Item no. 1322680) #Costco #ad

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