Practice Sneezing: Hygiene for Preschoolers

4014611539_bfdaef47d5_mThis is a great way to practice sneezing with your kids.   Help them learn to practice proper hygiene and realize how sneezing can pass germs.

What you’ll need:   A spray bottle filled with food coloring.   Tissues, a lot of them.   If your kids are like mine, they’ll love spraying their sneezes.


Use the spray bottle and tissues to “fake sneeze” and to show how germs spread. Explain the right way to sneeze, to prevent germs spread.


After you are done sneezing, discuss and practice washing your hands as a way to limit the spread of germs.

This activity is part of our Germs Unit. Thanks Jennifer for creating it for us!

Check out Jennifer’s blog for other learning activities.


  1. Mud Pies For Mommy says:

    We will have to have sneezing practice tonight!!! LOL!

  2. ohsoawesome says:

    Hi quirkymomma,

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