Yo-Yo Ma and Author Sandra Boynton Teamed Up To Create A Song and It’s Delightful

If your kids love the charming animal cartoons of author/illustrator Sandra Boynton, they’re going to be delighted by this.

Boynton teamed up with musician Yo-Yo Ma to create their own illustrated symphony. This separate-but-together “music video” features Boynton’s famous cow, who sounds suspiciously like a cello. 

Sandra Boynton illustration
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Kids may recognize the cow from some of Boynton’s most popular board books, like “Moo, Baa, La La La.” Instead of mooing though, the cow is singing a peaceful theme written by Dvorak in his New World Symphony. The video is called “Mooing Home,” and the music is played by the incredible Yo-Yo Ma. What a great way of introducing little ones to orchestra music! 

My kid’s favorite part? When the other barnyard animals join in to do “sing” the e-I-e-I-o part of the song. 

As a parent, I absolutely adored it too. Bonus: Yo-Yo Ma appearing at the end was a wonderful way of showing who really played the music. It’s entertainment and a lesson all rolled into one. 

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Musical Numbers from Sandra Boynton

Boynton may be best known among parents for her cartoons and creative board books, but the author/illustrator is also a songwriter. She calls her musical creations “renegade children’s music.” I couldn’t agree more; just like her creative and unique board books, her songs — such as “Philadelphia Chickens” — are incredibly entertaining, no matter how old you are. 

Through her Facebook page and while we’re stuck at home, the woman of many talents is sharing all sorts of fun musical videos and cartoons she’s created. All of them will surely delight your kids, like they have mine. One of my kid’s favorites: the birthday song!

New Releases from Sandra Boynton & Yo-Yo Ma 

While we’ve all been stuck at home, the author/illustrator has also released a brand-new board book. “Your Nose! A wild little love song” is a classic Boynton tale. It celebrates the special love and relationship between a parent and child — this time foxes — in a playful way… because it’s also an ode to noses! Yes, you read that right. Noses! And just like the collaboration between Yo-Yo Ma and Sandra Boynton it’s absolutely delightful and totally creative. 

Your Nose
Source: Amazon

Yo-Yo Ma too is releasing new music. He is releasing singles and teasers from his new album, “Not Our First Goat Rodeo” on Facebook

Sandra Boynton and Yo-Yo Ma aren’t the only ones using music to help us get through these stuck-at-home days. You can listen and watch other original musical creations through the #songsofcomfort hashtag on social media. 

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