This Georgia Bar Used Their Decorations Of Money to Pay Their Employees

The current crisis is bringing out the best in many people, and this Georgia bar owner is going above and beyond for her staff.

The Sand Bar on Georgia’s Tybee Island is a beach area bar, with a mostly tourist clientele.  Tradition has led to tourists leaving dollar bills as decoration, often with messages written on them, that are stapled all over the walls and ceiling of the bar.

Courtesy of Jennifer Knox of The Sand Bar

But with the current stay at home orders, the bar is closed, and owner Jennifer Knox realized that her staff of 4 bartenders and 2 musicians were also struggling financially.  Tourism season should have just been beginning on Tybee Island and her staff was ready to start work.

Courtesy of Jennifer Knox of The Sand Bar

While at the bar, an idea occurred to her that could gift her staff with help during this time.  With the help of several volunteers, she removed all the decorative money from the walls over three days.  When finished, the decorations totaled over $3700 that was split between the six employees.

Courtesy of Jennifer Knox of The Sand Bar

Knox has also started a Venmo so that current and past customers can help donate to the staff that are unemployed during this time.  And it’s not just for the staff of the Sandbar.  One of her staff donated part of her share to an employee at another restaurant and Knox is using her Venmo to help other service staff from the island.

Isn’t this just amazing?

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