A tale of two apples

There are days when things seem to just *click* as a SAHM.

Children are happy, activities fall into place, and temperatures hover in the 70?s (important in a climate like ours).

Today was such a day.

The children and I headed out, along with 36 of our closest preschool friends (and with their mamas) to a local apple orchard. One might be surprised that an apple orchard actually exists in our neck of the woods, but there is one. Home to dwarf apple trees, peach trees, a pumpkin patch, a few rows of cotton and chickens that lay green eggs (which I did not even realize was possible until today), this little apple orchard provided a great learning experience in the outdoors for our two kids.

The two listened intently to what the guide is saying ¦or simply wondered when it was going to be time to get a cookie from the orchard store.

At the end of teh program, all the kids were allowed to pick one apple. This was quite a treat considering the apple orchard does not allow this to occur every year depending on the crop yield. After the apples were picked, they were washed and the kids were allowed to eat them (topped with honey from the orchard, if they wished). We do not get many chances to eat food fresh off the tree, so munching on these was  a fun little treat.

Miss E. with the apple she picked

Isaac with his prize apple

After learning all we could about apples and bees and large spiders that reside  at the orchard (*shudder*), we bid farewell to our friends, loaded up in the car and headed to a local park for a picnic. It was finally time to break out those yummy treats purchased at the orchard and enjoy a little bit more time outdoors in the cool fall weather.

The children also wanted to play a round of hide and seek, their newest obsession. We managed a few games without me getting stuck in one of the various playground tunnels or anyone mentioning that E. chose to hid in the same exact location each time.

After a few laps around the nearby skate park in which the children choose to use the stunt ramps as slides, we packed up and called it a day.

A really, really good day.

One thing of note about this orchard is that Isaac and I visited it when he was 14 months old (and Evelyn was merely  a  tiny, tiny baby bump). It was fun to  compare the pictures from today to  those from four years ago ¦


¦and also a bit amusing to realize the boy wore the same outfit both times.

I guess jeans and a polo are simply a classic style.

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