If you’re feeling a little nervous in your house lately and doing some stress cleaning, you might be wondering about your kids’ toys. On a good day, little hands are not the cleanest and toys provide a surface for germs to collect, but lately, you may be wanting to extra sterilize your child’s playthings, just for an extra layer of protection. Check out these cleaners to help keep your kids’ toys and playrooms extra fresh right now. Anjou Toy Cleaner – This foaming cleaner is made without parabens, sulfates and alcohol.  Just pump the lather out onto the toys and wipe it down to clean up bacteria. Puracy Natural Baby All Purpose Cleaner – This spray cleanser is recommended for items like highchairs, car seats, strollers, and toys made of similar hard materials. Shibari Advanced Antibacterial Toy Cleaner – This spray cleaner is can be used on a variety of materials and is wiped off with warm water after use. Toy Life Foaming Toy Cleaner – Another foaming cleanser that sprays out just the right amount of cleaner. Wipe off with a towel, rinse, and dry each toy in turn.

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