This ‘Master Pan’ Makes Cooking For Picky Eaters Easy Peasy

The Master Pan is the answer to the way my kids eat and the way I cook. They both like different foods. My oldest hates when her foods touch (and they can never, ever be mixed). And me? I hate doing loads of dishes. 

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Enter: the master pan. This die-cast aluminum pan is sectioned off into five separate sections. That compartmentalized-style means I can cook five separate things that do not touch as they cook.  Clocking in at a size of 15 inches long and 12 inches wide, it’s also an ideal size for a small kitchen. Another reason to love the compartments: it helps with portion control too.

Furthermore, it also requires only one stovetop burner, so I’m not wasting more gas either. The heavy gauge metallic base also ensures that foods cook evenly, which is a must for me when it comes to choosing cookware. 

Other Reasons I Love the Master Pan

It’s not just about the style. The master pan is also super functional. The non-stick pan also features a Bakelite handle, which means that I can use it in the oven up to a 350 degree F. Also important? I can put it in the dishwasher too, which means even less clean up time. If it’s not too messy, simply do a quick hand wash. 

Source: Amazon

Meals Ideas with the Master Pan

Since the five-compartment pan allows you to cook a full-meal in one go, you may wonder what meals you can whip up with it. The answer: basically anything that you use a stovetop pan for!

For breakfast, cook up eggs in two sections, sausage in another two, and potatoes in the last one. Or maybe save a section for mini pancakes.

For lunch, make all the fixings for a burger: veggies in one, meat in another, and other toppings like bacon in the rest! 

For dinner, the master pan is perfect for Taco Tuesday meals, fajitas, fish and vegetables, and more.

It’s a win-win for my kids, but also for me. Because if I’m only using one pan? I only have to clean one pan too!

If you’re a kitchen gadget nerd like my husband and me, you’re going to love this pan. You can get the Master Pan on Amazon for around $40. 


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  1. Please don’t cook on aluminum without doing your research first.

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