Your child just sneezed!  Is it a cold?  Is it the flu?  Is it the coronavirus?  Is it allergies?  Or did they just decide to reconnect a video game cable behind the slightly dusty television? This handy chart helps you take a look at the symptoms you’re seeing and get a feeling for what you are dealing with.  While the corona virus is scary, this is the perfect time of year for colds, flus, and allergies too.
Courtesy of World Health Organization
Sourced from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this chart lets you look at common symptoms like headaches, sore throats, sneezing, and more, to see which illnesses seems to best fit your child’s symptoms. If you’re concerned, please call your doctor or nurses’ line for advice on what to do next and how to treat your child.  Many doctors recommend calling ahead to the office or ER first so they can be best prepared to treat you or your child. If you are dealing with a cold or flu at home, check out our best at-home cold and flu remedies. For all sickness, one of the best preventions is hand washing.  Teach your child these 5 Easy Steps to Proper Handwashing. and remind them to wash frequently.  If hand washing isn’t available and store bought hand sanitizer is in short supply, you can make homemade hand sanitizer with ingredients you likely have on hand. TLC for Dry, Overwashed Hands

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