Tuesday Is $1 St. Paddy’s Day Pancakes at IHOP

What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day? Well, CANCEL THEM because Tuesday Is $1 Pancake Day at IHOP!

Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day but it is most importantly $1 St. Paddy’s Day Cakes Day at IHOP. Sure, this means it’ll be crazy busy but totally WORTH IT if you are a pancake fanatic like me. 

On Tuesday, March 17th from 7 AM – 7 PM you can visit your local IHOP and get St. Paddy’s Day Cakes for just $1 per stack!

“Two fluffy green pancakes topped with sweet cream cheese icing, Fruity Lucky Charms cereal and a crown of whipped topping.”

Awww I am so excited and I know my kids will be too!

While you’re there, you can also give the new IHOP Cereal Pancakes a try! YUM!

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