I just knew this day was coming. On Wednesday of last week my son and I were enjoying some samples of those tasty chicken sausages (and ultimately bought some). By yesterday I had noticed that there weren’t any vendors giving out samples and now I know why. Costco Is No Longer Giving Out Free Samples Due to The Coronavirus and it’s a sad day!

Look, this is actually a good thing but it doesn’t change the fact that it sucks especially if your weekend hobbies include browsing Costco and grabbing free lunch via the samples. Ha. 

In all seriousness, Costco is just trying to do the right thing here, I am sure. 

Think about it, if someone disobeys quarantine or doesn’t know they have the Coronavirus, they could infect all of those other people just trying to take a bit of a sample. And that is NOT GOOD.

Costco hasn’t made an official statement about this but people all over the country are starting to report that their Costco’s are not offering samples and are unsure when samples will resume. 


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??Just got word, one of our followers is a sample person for CDS which is Costco’s vendor who does all the food samples and looks like they will not be serving samples for the foreseeable future. Not sure if this is immediate and will effect all stores or will be a store by store basis. . ?The good side is that Costco is allowing CDS workers to work at the warehouses in various other capacities until samples start up again!! This was inevitable with the #coronavirus picking up steam in the US + the recent crazy crowds at Costco stores! #washyourhands #costcodeals #costcosamples #costco . ?If anyone can confirm that it’s a nationwide or worldwide sample suspension, DM or let us know in the comments below!

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My Costco in Utah has stopped giving out samples so my guess is, eventually all Costco locations will do the same. Has the Costco in your area stopped giving out samples for the time being? Let us know below if so and where you are located!

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