Dress-up days are an elementary school tradition, but one little boy is making his even more special.

At Bobby G. Lester Elementary School, in Jacksonville, the school announced “Dress As Your Favorite Person Day” and one kindergarten student knew just who he wanted to be.

Courtesy of Jacksonville North Pulaski School District (Facebook)

Easton Blocker, who is in kindergarten at Lester Elementary, knew his favorite person was Officer Jeffery Cross, the school’s security guard. Easton has been taken with Officer Cross since he first met him and refers to him as his “best friend” so it was only natural he wanted to dress just like his hero.

Courtesy of Jacksonville North Pulaski School District (Facebook)

Easton’s mom made him a special outfit just for the day, designed to match Officer Cross’s bright yellow polo and black slacks. Easton’s even has “Junior Security” written on the back.  

She says Easton has been fascinated with Officer Cross from the beginning and knows that he is there to help keep the students safe.

Officer Cross was honored that Easton chose to dress up like him, saying “It makes me appreciate my job more. He goes on, “Just for the fact that he shows his appreciation and he hugs me every day when he sees me every morning. It really makes my day.”

This just melts my heart. They both are the sweetest! 

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