Toddler mealtimes just got a whole lot easier!

For little ones who want to feed themselves, parents know it can get messy.  Sandwiches, burgers, and more often fall apart in little hands and the “I do it myself” phase doesn’t lend itself well to just cutting things up into smaller bites.

The Sandwiches ‘N More Toddler Utensil from Tot Tools, LLC, is the perfect solution to this problem.

Designed by a mom of three, this sandwich clamp helps gently hold a sandwich together so your child can pick it up and eat it.  Handles are attached to the clamp to make it easy for your little one to hold.  They’ll be able to enjoy their meal without a mess and to keep the food together when placed back down on their plate or accidentally dropped.

Founder Debbie Rodriguez created the tool in 2006, for children transitioning to more solid foods.  She shares

Good eating and nutrition are so important, and I am very excited that our product can make your child’s transition to toddler foods easier. I hope you find our Sandwiches ‘n More Toddler Utensil (TM) to be as helpful a tool as it has been for me and my own children. We look forward to providing more innovative toddler friendly products in the future.

The Sandwiches ‘N More Toddler Utensil is recommend for children ages 12 months and up, but can also be extremely helpful for children with special needs to feed themselves as well.

The Sandwiches ‘N More Toddler Utensil can be purchased on Amazon for $10.95.  Wouldn’t this be a great gift for a new parent?

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  1. Thank you so much for finding our product and writing about it! It is not easy to effectively market a product and let people know how great it is…your blog helped do that. Really appreciate it 🙂
    Owner, mom inventor