Monday morning potluck, part II ¦

In the interest of being right fair, I am posting my mother’s emailed defense of her peanutbutter roast (Sidebar: I was raised vegetarian and to clarify in veggie land, roast=casserole and there is no meat in this recipe) from my now controversial remarks in yesterday’s potluck. I will let the public decide whether peanutbutter roast is table worthy:

“Hi hi …
In defense of peanutbutter roast: NO it does NOT have carrots in it … only tomatoes, rice, and onions … and peanutbutter! Your father still likes it! I thought it was a family favorite!!!??? I would like to ask Freddie (my brother who I will get an opinion from in the future) … did he like peanutbutter roast???
Love ya!”

Summary: The peanutbutter roast contains peanutbutter, tomatoes, rice and onions.

The polls are now open….Decision 2007…you decide!


  1. Happy Campers says:

    And, it looks like your Mom loves the !!!!! as much as you do 🙂 hehehehe…it must be genetic exclamations.

  2. A Mom Two Boys says:

    Oh my…rice and peanut butter? Maybe it’s one of those “you have to TRY it” to (have any chance to) like it things?

    Your mom is cute. She’s sure defending her roast! I googled it and found no relevant recipes. A few pork and some turkey, but not beef. Hmmm

  3. I’m on Holly’s side with this one. And I’m a vegetarian!

  4. After forgetting my first password, I have now reset to a new one … so I can defend my basic peanut butter roast. You know how important this is! If anyone would like the recipe … just let me know. And by the way, it can be made with chunky or creamy peanut butter.

    I should also add that #2 son of this family has peanut butter for a middle name … is it genetic all the way to GrandmaV?

  5. M2B–I know it makes no sense, but roast=casserole in the vegetarian world in which I was raised. My mom would be glad to send you the recipe, but trust me, it is not a “you have to TRY it”. It is as bad as it sounds! I suggest you look elsewhere for your next Friday recipe contestant…hahaha.

  6. I’m sorry. I can’t read this blog if it is going to continue to refer to the whole peanut butter roast. Holly’s family — I LOVE YOU. But there are certain things that scare me. Any roast that contains peanut butter, carrots or both…. Between those and the beets I was forced to eat I’m sure I’m permanently scarred.

  7. A Mom Two Boys says:

    OMG…You people call a casserole a ROAST and you put peanut butter in it? Wha? I have a lot to learn about vegetarians…we live in the meat capital of the CA.
    I still stick by my rice & peanut butter combo not sounding so good. :0)

  8. M2B–It can’t be defended! It is wrong! Exactly my point!

    J–I promise not another word…until it is brought up again.

  9. from a vegatarian…peanut butter and onions is just pain wrong. i’m in Canada and have never heard of a roast as a casserole. that said i live in the Canadian meat capital (think Texas of the north). was this a form of punishment?

  10. ks–I can’t explain it, I just report it! And yes, I did think it was a form of punishment. Thanks for stopping by.

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