After all the cute Valentine’s Day foods, Costco is doing it again with the perfect foods for St. Patrick’s Day!  This time, it’s shamrock shaped ravioli!

Courtesy of @costcobuys on Instagram

The St Patrick’s Day-themed pasta is from Nuovo Pasta and filled with five kinds of cheese. These perfect little bites are filled with a combination of Irish aged cheddar, mozzarella, white cheddar, ricotta, and Parmesan cheese.

Courtesy of @louie.the.foodie on Instagram

Even better, the shamrock ravioli come in a mixture of traditional white/yellow and green shapes.  Just add Alfredo or pesto and your meal will be the perfect color or the holiday.

The 40oz. pack of Nuovo Pasta shamrock ravioli is currently available in the refrigerated section at your local Costco for just $9.99.  

The ravioli is packaged in two parts, 20 oz. each, for cooking smaller portions and can easily be doubled.  The pasta should be kept refrigerated until use and even comes with a recipe for vodka sauce to accompany it. Yummmmm!

I am off to find this at my local Costco. My kids are going to LOVE IT!

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