This adorable shower head is definitely the greatest bath tub invention for kids, modifying your shower to make it easier on little ones and help them enjoy bath time even more!

Instead of the high pressure and wrong angle of a standard shower head, the My Own Child Shower Head brings the water to your child’s height and lowers the pressure for a softer, happier shower.

Installation is a breeze too!  Just install the included water splitter to the main shower head once, and you’ll be ready to set up your child’s shower.

The set comes with a three foot long hose that attaches to the water splitter, so you can place the shower head and the perfect height.  A simple snap in and snap out connection makes it simple to add the hose.  An attached suction cup lets you suction the actual fish or dolphin shower head to your wall, and the shower is all ready to go!

When your child is done showering, detach the hose from the water splitter and you can enjoy showers at adult heights once again.  

The My Own Child Shower Head is available in both dolphin and blowfish patterns and retails for $23.28 on Amazon and we definitely need them for our kids’ bathrooms!

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