Get ready to pack up the family and head to 7-Eleven because You Can Now Get A Peeps Flavored Slurpee! I am totally taking the kids to get this one.


According to people online, some are already spotting this Marshmallow Flavored Slurpee at 7-Eleven stores. Others are still waiting. In fact, 7-Eleven even commented on one post saying:

Oops. Someone got a peep of our Peeps Slurpee. The chick is out of the bag, but not yet in the machine. You’ll have to wait until Spring to try it! ?

Please send us a DM! ?”

So, sounds like it’ll be happening SOON near you if you can’t find it just yet.

Not going to lie, I am curious how this is going to taste. Will it be a marshmallow flavor or a mystery? Some pictures of it are white while others is like a dark purple, could that mean multiple flavors?!

Either way, I am about to give this a try!


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I enjoy Peeps…but a Peeps flavored Slurpee? ??? #slurplife

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