Have you ever noticed how you’ll be talking with your friends or spouse about something while your phone is near by and then BAM up pops an ad? Yeah, it really happens and it’s actually scary to think about.

Our devices ARE listening to us! And if you don’t believe me, Amazon has actually confirmed their employees monitor what is being said through their Alexa’s so yup, kiss privacy goodbye if you have one…

Look, I am not telling you to throw away your smart speakers or devices. There is actually now a way to protect your privacy through a new privacy bracelet that was just invented. 

Dubbed the “wearable jammer”, it was developed by a trio of professors at the University of Chicago. The device emits ultrasonic noise that interferes with microphones’ ability to record yet is inaudible to humans. 



“[Current] jammers are also directional, requiring users to point the jammer to a microphone; instead, our wearable bracelet is built in a ring-layout that allows it to jam in multiple directions,” reads a paper explaining the science behind the jammer. “This is beneficial in that it allows our jammer to protect against microphones hidden out of sight.”

Unfortunately, this brilliant device is NOT available for purchase right now. Although, the professors say they can make these for around $20 each. 

While you can’t buy these yet, you can get the schematics online and make your own.

I don’t know about you but I am all for something like this so we can have a bit more of our privacy back! Perhaps just something a little less bulky? Either way, such a cool invention!

You can watch the video about it below.

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  1. But is it worth it to have an EMF device that you wear disrupting your body’s natural rhythms? I don’t think this is a good idea just like I don’t like the idea of wearing an Apple watch. I don’t keep my phone on my person because of EMF radiation. Just something to think about.