Costco knows what we want for Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter… They are selling A 3-Pound Heart Shaped Chocolate Cheesecake and I’m On My Way!
Junior’s Cheesecake
This year, Costco decided to carry an adorable heart-shaped cheesecake that is covered in chocolate. What is even better is that it is made from Junior’s Cheesecake, which is the famous bakery and diner in New York.

This festive dessert starts with Junior’s Original New York cheesecake, and is then covered in chocolate ganache and red stripes. Chocolate chips line the perimeter of the heart-shaped cheesecake. YUM!

Oh, and did I mention, it is 3 POUNDS!! Holy, moly. Good thing it is for a holiday so you can justify eating all those pounds ha. The Chocolate Heart Cheesecake will cost you $19.99 and if you want to check if your local Costco has it, the item number is 1390089.
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OMG! ? My Costco has this Junior’s heart-shaped chocolate covered cheesecake! ? This is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day, but not for my diet! ??? ($19.99, item no. 1390089)

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I know I’m on my way to get one now. You’re welcome for sharing this tasty treat with you! 😉 
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Juniors chocolate covered cheesecake available now for $18.79 lovers delight ? #chocolatecheesecake #costco #costcofinds

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