JLo Just Pole Danced in Front of Children. Is This What Women’s Empowerment Looks Like?

I am going to start by saying I Love J.Lo and just about everything she stands for as a woman. I also loved her Half-Time Super Bowl Performance tonight except for maybe one part… You see, JLo Just Pole Danced in Front of Children. Is This What Women’s Empowerment Looks Like?

I certainly hope that doesn’t sound too judgy but I have to say, that was NOT my favorite part of the performance.

Do I think J.Lo looks amazing? Yes. 

Do I think she can pole dance like a boss? Also yes.

But I don’t think that was meant to be seen by children. 

My two young boys and daughter was watching the game with us tonight – as a family. Sure, my boys can be like, “She’s Hot” as she’s dancing and shaking her booty but pole dancing in front of thousands of children all over the nation was a bit much. 

Again, I am totally not trying to be overly judgmental because I know pole dancing is no joke. It’s actually one of the things I want to learn how to do but from the privacy of my own home. Not where my boys can see it and not where others kids’ can see it. It’d pretty much be for my husband and I ONLY.

I am not sure what went on through JLo’s mind and I probably never will know but she has nothing to prove. Sure, she’s 50 but she’s still GOT IT. She’s amazing.

She can sing, dance and shake her booty. She doesn’t need to pole dance for millions in order to prove how amazing she is.


Maybe I am an old soul (I am not even 30 yet) but I think the pole dancing could have been eliminated and it still would have been an amazing performance. Unless, I am wrong and this is some sort of new women’s empowerment thing? If it is, it really isn’t something I intend on teaching my daughter but to each their own.


  1. But a shirtless Adam Levine is totally fine?

  2. This article is horrible. She didn’t do anything wrong or inappropriate. It takes an incredible amount of strength to do what she did. It’s not any more improper than gymnastics.

  3. When people say someone is an “old soul” they mean a non-judgemental, loving, and compassionate person, who does not linger on petty complaints and grievances that will matter as much as dust in the annals of time. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  4. So do you also have a problem with Cirque Du Soleil? Or women who do Aerial Silks? Because they wear clothing that is just as revealing, and do many of the same moves.

    If J Lo had done the same thing slowed down to classical music, people would be applauding her skills.
    Pole is an art, just like trapeze or silks.

  5. Why not pole dance in front of kids. Happens at Circ de Soleil all the time. Pole dancing and stripping are not the same thing. Pole dancing is a recognized sport with its origin in acrobatics.

    If we model for our children “Wow! Look at her strength. How cool she gets to show off her athleticism.” Our children will think “Wow she’s strong and athletic.”

    If we model pearl clutching and associating pole dancing with stripping our children will think “Oh no there’s something wrong with this activity.”

    can we stop shaming women for the way they choose to show off their athleticism just because it’s on a dance floor and not a ball field?

  6. With the strength and fitness it took to pull off that dance stunt, YES-we want our kids inspired to hit the gym.
    Nothing more family friendly then hitting the gym
    You may want to wash the green Envy goot off your face

  7. The real question-why do your kids know what pole dancing is? Chances are, they don’t. And you completely blew this out of proportion, and now they will judge anyone who does pole dancing classes, and associate them the way you just have. In the privacy of your own home? I’m guessing you haven’t had kids long, because there is no such thing as complete privacy. They will know, and since you have treated it as something bad in front of them, now they will have that same judgment as you. My teenage girls had no reaction to her doing pole dancing. Not because they are exposed to it, but have taken dance classes for years, and know the commitment and work it takes going in to it. Maybe they are just a little more mature than some? Who knows.

  8. It’s as easy as changing the channel. Plus the Superbowl isn’t targeted towards kids anyways! It’s more for adults and young adults. Can’t get mad because of your own decision of letting your kids watch it. Let your kids watch the puppy bowl not the Superbowl if you’re going to be sensitive! And yes it was empowering! Both of their performances were.

  9. It is athleticism. Stop objectifying bodies!

  10. Saying that you’re “not trying to be overly judgmental” does not counteract how overly judgmental this blog article is. The only reason it’s offensive is because you are giving the pole way more meaning and innuendo than it actually realistically holds as an inanimate object. That’s your doing. You are creating that by writing things like this. Dance is dance.

  11. Grown Up Woman says:

    Women exploiting themselves for money – what’s that usually called? It’s NOT “fierce”, it’s NOT “liberated”. And what’s it called when you expose underage girls like those brought on stage? Really? The best display of female talent they could come up with in these days of Weinstein, R er patron and MeToo?

  12. It was a performance. I dont see anythong wrong it’s ok for men to grab there crotch take off shirts while woman drool in them. If anything, this shows me that she is empowerment. Do what ever you want as a performer. She was in a movie that she worked out for in a pole. Also, there are classes for woman to take to pole dance they use it as an exercise program.for strengthening. It was a great show hence “show”. I’m sorry but it’s such a double standard it’s a performance unless your children know what a pole dancer does then let It be. They were great. Shakira is known for her belly dancing and j lo is and was a dancer for years and a singer. Let it go already. Oh by the way i think it’s best every stays away from Dallas cowboys field being their girls are dancing as well . Come on

  13. Lol what a joke, with all of the obscenity displayed through politics nowadays, comparing JLo’s pole dancing on live TV is like making an analogy between my little pony vs. bull riding. The level of impact and repulsion, and the level of appropriateness for children simply does not match. Funny how most of the women against her dancing are either white, plus-sized women, or just not attractive at all.

  14. Hear me out, cheerleaders are half dressed all season
    Players get serious injuries and mostly sponsors are
    beer companies… what parent would really say the
    NFL is family friendly?

  15. I agree. I don’t care if it’s men or women on the stage. The Superbowl has become family unfriendly and yes young children do like to watch football and be a part of things. The halftime shows have been disappointing for a number of years. Changing the channel doesn’t change the fact that it’s trash and why should families have to. Go back to the days of bands and groups playing. Much more fun for families. I too am confused about the women’s empowerment. Women want to be seen as more than objects, yet they put themselves out there like that. You can show your singing talent and dancing without being vulgar and having more clothes on. I didn’t even bother to watch yet saw plenty on commercials. I don’t want my children growing up thinking our bodies have to look a certain way.

  16. You guys are acting like you don’t know that worse stuff than this is on tv and the internet.

  17. If you are concerned that your child just watched someone “pole dancing” that says more about you and what you have exposed them too. Otherwise, it is just dancing and aerial acrobatics like cirque du soleil. It’s your job to teach them to not objectify women, and not let your daughters be objectified. Good job teaching them that it is their responsibility to ensure men don’t stare or get distracted by the female body.

  18. I cannot believe that this is even a conversation being had! This was a performance; Jlo has an incredible amount of strength and clearly is comfortable with and loves her body. She takes care of herself and it is clear that she understands that her body is a temple, and treats it as such – as all women should do. She is the very definition of women’s empowerment – strong, confident, and she doesn’t care what people think. Judging others is often a reflection of your own insecurities. Might wanna work on that instead of writing another article like this.

  19. Honestly I didn’t pay much attention to the pole dancing. Shakira was awful. She acted like a stripper. And she’s a Mom. It was repulsive. That’s not entertainment.

  20. I come from the great bands era 60’s- 70’s It should be about a great singer, great music and singing great songs! A woman bearing herself to lousy music is just not great entertainment!

  21. Why do your kids know about the pole dancing you apparently don’t like? This was not that pole dancing. I would be more concerned about boys thinking it is fine to slam their bodies into one another without thought of damage done to the body.

    The cheerleaders had less clothing on and were still wearing more than people wear at the beach.

  22. Right-wing hypocrisy at its finest.

  23. This article is pathetic. It is 2020 and your kids have seen worse.They’ll be fine.

  24. Ka’ehukai Burley says:

    Cultural racism at its best… What’s wrong with dancing on a pole? This blogger is mento! She’s cool wit 50 ur old jlo “shaking her booty” in front of kids but has issue with a pole ? hey! Wake up and get educated! At one time shaking your booty was considered too explicit for keiki. Get your brain brain out da gutter! We should teach our keiki that all dance is form of expression and CULTURE— but we know how western thinking and white people take to dance and culture. At first it’s lascivious/uncivilized/pagan, and then it’s a money maker (popular music, tourism, dance studios). The only thing I noticed was TWO Hispanic women up there using their heritage to positively influence a nation. Our Hispanic braddahs and sistahs and keiki should feel nothing but pride! No criticism!

  25. Kawai Anakalea Garran says:

    All these prude JEALOUS women.
    Get over it!!!

    The performance was amazing…. be inspired.

  26. Do you not have anything better to write about? Unreal…in a world where women are constantly being put down, put aside, etc… all I saw was a lady boss! Seriously…let’s talk about education and our Special Olympics budget being cut… O-to the M-to the G!

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