I may be old school but do you remember making spit wads in class? I do! Well, we can bring back some of those childhood memories because now You Can Get A Toy Blaster That Makes 350 Clean Spitballs For The Most Fun Ever.

Don’t worry, they are clean – no spit required and not going to lie, it sounds like so much fun. I want one to shoot at my husband with. HA. (In a total playful manner).

The toy is appropriately named the TP Blaster and uses a real roll of toilet paper.


Simply stick the roll on top of the TP Blaster, fill it with water and watch it make up to 350 (clean) spitballs. Then fire them at your target!!

Oh and the spitballs will fly up to 50 feet which means you can be hiding and just pop out to strike someone with a spitball. I mean, what kid (even adult kid) wouldn’t want one?!



Amazon is selling these for right around $35.99 which is a steal for this sort of thing if you ask me. 

Seriously, this would make such a fun gift. I want one for myself. Ha!



You can get the get the TP Blaster on Amazon Here.

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