One of the things that has always amazed me is how some people never really understand personal space nor understand keeping away from your new baby to avoid getting them sick. While I have no problem asking someone to not touch my baby, it does make for a quite awkward moment. Well, these “No Touch” Signs Remind People to Not Touch Your Baby in a nice way and keep for some rather awkward and uncomfortable moments.

Little Love Canada on Etsy


Etsy shop LittleloveCanada created these adorable signs as a reminder for strangers and even those “all up in your face” relatives will *hopefully* get the hint to stay away from your baby without having to go full mama bear on them.

There are several different designs to choose from. You can even choose to have one made and shipped to you or purchase the digital file and print one out yourself. 

Little Love Canada on Etsy

“Cute and cuddly, soft and sweet, no germies allowed from those we meet. One innocent cheek pinch is enough for your baby to contract harmful germs. Let this cute tag politely advise strangers that you would prefer they not touch your little angel. Preventing the spread of germs from others will help protect your babies and keep them healthy.”

Little Love Canada on Etsy

And in case you’re wondering if they really work, according to the reviews, they do. Moms are saying they look cute and people haven’t touched their baby. Total win. 

For around $3 you can print your own or you can have one made for around $12. It will make the perfect baby shower gift too. You can order your No Touch Signs Here.

Little Love Canada on Etsy


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