I love these wipes and if you cloth diaper – you should too!   I’ve cloth diapered all three of my kids and there are parts of cloth diapering that are, say, less than pleasant.   I detest scrubbing, soaking and any foul smells.   These wipes make cloth diapering possible for our family and maybe they will help your family too! … I discovered by accident that this brand of wipes handles being machine washed really, really well!   I’ve washed them ten or more times before they start to disintegrate.   They are also larger in surface area than most other wipes and than the kissaluv and bummis brand disposable cloth diaper liners.

Making a diaper wipe into a cloth diaper liner:

aaaWash the wipes first – so they don’t have a soap residue.   Then I layer them onto the diaper.   When my youngest was smaller this meant that I only needed to use one wipe as a liner, now I use two to get full coverage. If your youngster has a poopy diaper, lift the liners, dispose of them in the trash can – do not flush.   I use a ziplock baggie.   Can’t stand foul odors! … …aaaa If it is just wet, dump the diaper in the wash and re-use the liner next time!   These make cloth diapering so much easier!   I love them!

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