This Free Printable Vegan Meal Plan Calendar is the perfect way to keep track of your meals and stay on track with your Vegan diet for an entire month.

The printable contains 2 pages. The first page has a sample meal plan that you can easily follow. It is color coded by meal type and isn’t specific to any one month. Simply start on day one and start eating. The recipes are all compiled in our 31 Days of Vegan Recipes post where you can simply click on the recipe, make it and move onto your next day. 

We’ve truly tried to make eating Vegan as easy as possible. This is even perfect if you are participating in Veganary (Going Vegan in January).

The second page of the printable contains a blank calendar so you can use it to write out your own meal plan for an entire month. Have fun and we hope this printable Vegan Meal Plan Calendar comes in handy!

Download here:

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