How to put yourself in a good mood naturally (and daily!)

Do you ever wish that you could be in a good mode more often?   Do you see people smiling, laughing and looking stress-free and wish that you could ‘have what she’s having,” as Meg Ryan puts it?    You can!   You can put yourself in a GOOD mood – naturally!   This means you will yell less, have more patience, and just feel happier, so you can be the happy mom that you want to be! 

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How to put yourself in a good mood naturally (and daily!)   

Let’s start by looking at how moods are created… both good & bad.  There are actually three ways for moods to happen:

  1. Without even realizing it.
  2. If something happens to cause a good mood (or a bad mood)
  3. Because of choosing to take control of your mood, and deliberately changing it to what you want it to be.

It starts when you wake up.

I want you to think back to when you woke up this morning… 
hat was it that woke you up? A baby?  A child?  A phone call?  Your alarm?  The sunlight coming into your room?   Did you wake up on your own?   What kind of mood did this put you in?

Oftentimes, people are put into a bad mood immediately if they find themselves waking up thinking something like: “Oh man… I have to get up, but I just want to keep sleeping.” 


“Oh no!  I just remembered that I forgot to…”

These will really get you in a mood, right?  However, it’s not the good mood that we were hoping for.   It’s no wonder… anyone would be grumpy if that’s how they woke up, filled with anxiety.  If you start the day with an ‘Uh oh’ or ‘oh no’, the bad or sour mood that it creates can actually have a strong negative effect on your entire day as well as on your entire well being.

If you do not intervene with this, you have just decided that other things will go wrong and feel wrong and it can also create stress all through your day.

How can you take control of your moods and be a happier person?

Catch Yourself In The Act

Most people have this thinking habit that puts them in a bad mood.  If you find yourself doing the following negative thought habits, make yourself STOP. Don’t always beat yourself for some simple things that you’ve done for the day.

  • Worrying
  • Regretting
  • Self-Criticism

You might consider telling yourself that you are not supposed to waste your time blaming yourself for simple things, instead think of something much better.

Focus  On The Positive Thoughts

You can actually create positive thinking habits and create a discipline of thinking only positive thoughts.  There are a few ways to get started:

  • Make your own gratitude journal
  • Write down the things that you are thankful for.
  • Get in the habit of appreciating and acknowledging people and things around you.
  • Think about your future (later that day, tomorrow, in a week, in a year) and make sure it is positive.

The time spent on thinking positive thoughts is a time well-spent.  

Change Your Language

Changing your language is also a great way to put yourself in a good mood. Your word, spoken out loud or to yourself or in your own thoughts, actually have great influence and power on your mood.

Phrases such as ‘I can’t….’ can affect your mood.   Try replacing this with ‘I can… ‘Or even ‘I choose to…’ and you will notice a difference in how you feel.  Remember… the way that you talk, think and act all impact your family.  When you are in a good mood, you have the power to help your family be in a good mood, as well.  

My mom always said that moods are contagious and it’s true.   Just watch how your positive thinking and happy attitude transform your family’s day! 🙂

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