Elf on The Shelf Fruit Snacks Are Here

If it’s one thing my kids love snacking on, it’s fruit snacks which is why I am so excited that I came across these Elf on The Shelf Fruit Snacks at my local Target. Yes, they are here and perfect for the holiday season!

I found these down the Christmas goodies isle at Target and each box is selling for $3.99.

The boxes come with 22 pouches of fruit snacks meaning 1 box should be enough for your kids to pass out to their classmates for Christmas. I am sure you could even attach a cute little message from The Elf.

The fruit snacks come in 6 different designs so make snacking on them fun. 

If you can’t find them in-store, you can purchase them on the Target website here

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  1. Robin Rae Traugott says:

    What do the pouches look like? inside the box?

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