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We are so excited for the release of Disney Frozen 2 in theaters, that we put together a pre-movie party to celebrate the return of our favorite sisters. It’s been six years since Elsa first dazzled us with her ice palace-building skills and Anna sang her way through the open door of love. A lot has happened — in the world, in our lives — and Frozen fans have grown older and more mature. And our favorite Arendelle sisters have matured too.  So, of course, our party had to do the same. Gone are the pastel pink and blues of Frozen, replaced by the richer, deeper colors of fall and the forest. We don’t quite know yet what adventures await Anna and Elsa, but we know they will face them together. We just love the new Disney Frozen 2 party accessories from Wilton. There are tons of ways to use the new line to decorate party treats, or just showcase them.  Here is what we used to make our Disney Frozen 2 party tablescape: For the backdrop, I painted a sheet of plywood white, and taped strings of tissue paper tassels vertically across it. I then added circles in varying sizes and colors to match the color scheme. This modern backdrop makes this party appealing to all ages. I placed the backdrop across the back of the table to add some dimension to our tablescape.  I added a white vinyl tablecloth to the table, and strung some more circles across the front. Now that the decorations were set, it was time to get to the good stuff — the food! Our guests were a mix of all ages, so I made a kid-friendly charcuterie board using blocks of mild and sharp cheddar cheese, grapes, pretzel crisps, and sea salt crackers. I added the Disney Frozen 2 Cupcake Toppers to the cheese blocks for a fun look. Of course, you can’t have a party without cake! If you are a baker, Wilton has a ton of products to help you DIY your own cake. But if you’re in a crunch, you can always order a round layer cake from your local grocery store — just ask them to add white buttercream frosting and no other decorations.  Once my cake was frosted, I pressed some of the Winter Blue and White Jimmies Sprinkles along the bottom. The Disney Frozen 2 Pre-Cut Sugar Sheet Edible Decorations had an icing scene that fit perfectly on top of the cake. It was so easy to use! I just peeled it away from the plastic backing and pressed it onto the icing on the top of the cake. Such a simple way to make a homemade cake look professional! I added some of the Disney Frozen 2 Royal Icing Decorations along the sides of the cake. I really like how the purple leaves and blue snowflakes give the cake some dimension. I also baked a dozen cupcakes and used the rest of the Disney Frozen 2 Pre-Cut Sugar Sheet Edible Decorations and Disney Frozen 2 Royal Icing Decorations on top of these. I added some of the Disney Frozen 2 Cupcake Liners to give them a little extra flair. The Disney Frozen 2 Treat Bags were filled with popcorn for a salty snack that contrasts nicely with our sweet treats. I liked being able to use two different kinds of treat bags to give a different look.  And finally, we served an assortment of fruit on the Disney Frozen 2 Treat Stand. This stand was super fun and really easy to assemble. I like the look that it brings to the table — just enough of the characters and feel of the movie. This party is such a fun way to bring together fans of Frozen to get them excited for Frozen 2. We are so ready for this!

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