This Abandoned Puppy Has A Tail Growing from His Forehead and People Are Obsessed

This is adorably sweet… This Puppy Has A Tail Growing from His Forehead and People Are Calling Him A ‘Unicorn’ and naturally, he’s getting loads of attention. People are obsessed!

According to the posts, a Missouri Animal Rescue found the pup and noticed his unusual growth – a tiny tail that seems to be growing right out of the middle of his forehead. 

The shelter posted on Facebook sharing the adorable pup and now everything is calling him the ‘Unicorn’ pup. I mean, he is more of a Pupicorn but, ya know…

The sweet pup was named “Narwhal” since he is relatable to the “unicorn of the sea”. Seriously, I feel like there is a missed opportunity here to call him a Pupicorn…

Anyways, apparently, this sweet little thing was abandoned and found with an injured foot along with an older dog on Nov. 8. Both were then taken to Mac’s Mission in Jackson, Missouri and is currently in foster care.

Oh, and in case you are wondering the tail doesn’t actually wag. It just looks really cool! X-Rays were done on it and found that it isn’t attached to anything and “has no real use”.

This puppy is sweet, adorable and I sure hope he finds his forever family!!

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