Want to skip the turkey this year? Well, you’re in luck because You Can Get A 15-Pound Ham Leg at Costco and that is more than enough meet to go around!

The ham leg is described as:

“Our Jamon Iberico Bellota is produced in The Valle de los Pedroches, located in northern Cordoba in Southern Spain.  A valley with the largest extension of centuries old oak trees in the world, and more than 750,000 acres of continuous pasturelands.  This truly unique setting provides acorns for our 100% Iberico Breed pigs and an environment where they can live in freedom, with at least 2 ½ acres per pig.”

And get this – it costs a whopping $559.99 – yes almost $600 ($36.36 per pound)!!! But ya know, you only live once so…

Why does it cost so much? Aside from it being imported from Spain, it is also aged for a minimum of 3 years in their own aging cellars in an environment that is ideal for the curing process. So, there is a ton of thought and love that goes into making this delicious piece of meat.

Now, you should know that not all Costco locations will carry these. You can check online but know that most of the locations are on the West Coast.

Splurge a little on the holidays and get one of these. I know I am!

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