It is almost time to bust out your Elf on The Shelf and if you are reluctant, maybe it’s because you need something new to hide and cause mischief.

Move Over Elf On The Shelf, Hide & Hug Olaf Is Here!

Hide and hug olaf frozen elf on the shelf plush toy
Move over Elf on the Shelf, here comes Frozen’s Hide and Hug Olaf.

Frozen’s Olaf Elf on The Shelf

Hide & Hug Olaf was released last year but I don’t think it got the attention it deserved. Now with the new Frozen 2 movie being released, it might be worth taking a second look at!

Frozen's hug and hide Olaf comes with a book, and a snow man plush.
“Hi, my name if Olaf and I love warm hugs!”

Olaf Is Like Elf on The Shelf, But Better!

The Hide & Hug Olaf is a lot like Elf on The Shelf where you receive a book and a plush. Only instead of an Elf you get hide and hug Olaf! You can play Hide and Seek with him and even have him do mischievous things like you would with your Elf on the Shelf. 

Hide and Hug Olaf is Frozen's best toy yet, it comes with a do you want a hug and a snowman plush.
Look how cute the Olaf plush is!

Once you hide him or find him, hug him! Why? Because Olaf always says, “I like warm hugs!”

Frozen’s Hide and Hug Olaf is sure to be your new best friend! People are having all sorts of fun with him:

Hide this Frozen Elf on the Shelf with the original Elf. They can be best buddies, dressed like condiments.

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There was a very interesting situation this morning when we woke up, Fred and Lucy were found gagged and taped to the wall ….. #ElfOnTheShelf #JackOnARack #HideAndHugOlaf

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Perhaps Hide and Hug Olaf isn’t as innocent as he seems? Or perhaps he just enjoys the spotlight and all the warms hugs for himself.

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I think Olaf needed to refreeze himself, especially in this hot Louisiana weather #louisianaheat #louisiana #olaf #hideandhugolaf #snow #snowman

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Oh no! This Hide and Hug Olaf got too many warm hugs! Looks like he needs time to “chill”. I’ll see myself out now…

Oh my! Elf and Hide and Hug Olaf are up to no good! But it looks like they make it up with lots of fun Christmas activities they leave for the little one.

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Olaf was up to something this morning in my class…. #hideandhugolaf #olaf #doyouwanttobuildasnowman #teacherlife #kindergarten

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Parents seem to be having fun with this snowman plush and I cannot wait to bust out our hide and hug Olaf this year!

You can pick up the Hide & Hug Olaf Set Here.

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